Stones thrown at Nitish Kumar’s cavalcade in Bihar’s Buxar

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From: Indian Express By: Express News Service Published at: January 12, 2018
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Residents of a village in Bihar’s Buxar, reportedly upset at CM Nitish Kumar over lack of development in the village reportedly threw stones at his cavalcade on Friday. Six people were injured and window panes of some cars shattered. Nitish was not injured.  The CM was visiting Buxar as part of his statewide Vikas Samiksha Yatra launched in December. He has so far covered over a dozen districts.

Police said the incident took place when Nitish was returning from Nandar village of Buxar. When the CM’s calvacade was leaving Nandar, people started throwing stones at it. “We suspect that they were provoked by some anti-social elements. We will be questioning some suspects soon,” said a senior police officer.

Some Nadar residents, however, told local reporters that some people had been insisting on the CM to visit their settlements in the village to check if any work under the government’s Saat Nischay scheme was being done. The programme assures roads to each door and taps and an electricity connection to every house. “They could have been angry because the CM did not visit their settlements,” said a local resident, adding that JD (U) workers had been “showing implementation of the government programme at selective places”.

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