Maharashtra govt gives nod to fill up 36,000 vacant posts to enforce reforms in agriculture sector

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From: Indian Express By: Express News Service Published at: May 16, 2018
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The state government on Wednesday gave its nod to fill up over 36,000 vacant posts, to enforce reforms in the agriculture sector across rural Maharashtra in order to uplift the livelihood and income of farmers. All the crucial departments, which are related to agriculture and rural schemes, have been accorded higher priority in providing additional manpower to effectively enforce the agriculture, irrigation and rural development plans across 40,913 villages in Maharashtra.

Of more than 36,000 posts, rural development will be provided 11,005 staff, public health department 10,568, home department 7,111, agriculture department 2,572, animal husbandry 1,047, public works department 837, water resources 827, water conservation 423, fisheries development department 90, urban development 1,664.

In the 2018-19 budget session held in the months of March and April, Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis had assured the state legislature Assembly that 72,000 vacant posts across administrative departments in the state would be filled up in two phases. Accordingly, taking the first phase process forward, Fadnavis on Wednesday gave the sanction for filling up 36,000 vacant posts. The remaining 36,000 vacancies will be filled up in the second phase early next year.

The CM has given clear directives to officials to accord highest priority to empower the agriculture and rural department by providing required manpower. While stating the objective of taking up the mammoth exercise, Fadnavis explained, “Through policies and reforms, we have clearly laid down the roadmap for sustainable agriculture to achieve a higher growth rate in agriculture sector. More importantly, it is our commitment towards socio-economic empowerment of farmers across state. The double income of farmers and livelihood mission has be to taken expeditiously with adequate administrative support across villages.”

Listing the ongoing projects regionwise, it was indicated that process of reforms for the farmers’ and rural development should not be found lagging because of inadequate manpower. Often good policies, which has received positive response and participation from rural areas, are moving at slow pace in absence of required manpower or immediate decisions. By filling up vacancies, the additional manpower will help to tackle these problems, Fadnavis said.

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