Lenovo HW02 Plus Fitness Band: As simple as it can be

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From: Financial Express By: Shamik Chakrabarty Published at: March 12, 2018
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Lenovo has quietly entered the smartband race in India with the HW02 Plus, a slim fitness band you can wear all the time. The band, which is in direct competition to Xiaomi ’s Mi Band, costs Rs 2,299 on Amazon and should find some buyers just for its price. Lenovo is ushering in its fitness ecosystem of sorts with its Lenovo HS10 smart scale (Rs 3,799) which also connects to the same app. The HW02 Plus is a simple fitness band. It will easily fit most wrist sizes in a way that makes it easy to wear even to sleep. In fact, this comfort is a huge plus for the band. I wore it continuously for a week, taking it off only for showers, only because I had taken it out for dips in the sea. I have not been able to wear many other bands to sleep, so this clearly is an exception. The Lenovo HW02 Plus has a small LED display up front and it changes with a swipe to show time, steps taken, calories burnt and heart rate— which takes a few seconds to get updated. To have heart rate measurement in such a compact band is a big plus and should be a selling point again. The entire data is collected and collated in the Lenovo app. Here you can do a deep dive of the data—however, the app has some glitches; it stopped showing historic data for me after a week or so.

Anyway, the best thing about the app is the PAI score. Lenovo has integrated Mio Global’s Personal Activity Intelligence into the app and by keeping the PAI score about 100 for a week you can be assured that you are healthy. For me the best score was 34 and this despite a week with heavy walking and deep sleep. The app also lets you customise notifications, find your phone and change metrics. The Lenovo app also connects to data from the HS10 smart scale and even this data adds to the PAI score. The scale gives you details way beyond just the regular weight check and for me it did not make great reading. However, the scale might actually have more impact on your health than a band and you will start striving to achieve a green tick on all your indicators from BMI to body fat, water levels and visceral fat. This is data we are seldom privy too. The band offers a battery life of around a week with 24-hour usage, with notifications switched on. The scale, which is powered by four AAA batteries, ran out of power within a fortnight, maybe because the batteries in the box had already been discharged. Overall, the Lenovo HW02 Plus fitness band is a good buy for those who want to start tracking their activities and sleep better. Hopefully, the app will become better over time and add more value for the user. Also, at its present price of Rs 3,799, the Lenovo HS10 smart scale brings good value to users and supplements the data the fitness band is throwing up.

Estimated street price: Rs 2,299

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