Have confirmed tickets to fly, but denied boarding? How DGCA, Air India just made your day

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From: Financial Express By: PTI Published at: February 12, 2018
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Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) said that passengers with confirmed tickets have the right to seek compensation from the airlines if they are denied boarding due to over-booking. As per a report by Times of India, the country’s aviation regulator and national carrier Air India have told the Delhi high court the airlines will be liable to offer compensation in case they are not allowed to fly. The compensation will be made over and above rules that provide a slab-wise refund.

This came in the wake of a petition filed by a lawyer questioning the 2010 DGCA rules that recognise the concept of over-booking by airlines, reported TOI. The aviation regulator made it clear that the airlines are liable to compensate for the deficiency of service. While, the high court stood by the rule and said that DGCA’s rule is meant to ensure that passengers are paid immediate compensation even as necessary arrangements are made by the airline concerned for their travel. It said that passengers can approach civil and consumer courts to claim damages.

Meanwhile, yesterday, a major mid-air tragedy was averted when Vistara’s UK 997 flight came as close as 100 feet from Air India flight AI 631. Thanks to Air India Captain Anupama Kohli’s quick reaction in acting promptly on the warnings and steering her jet away, she ensured no mishap occurred and thereby saved hundreds of lives. Kohli acted swiftly on the warning issued by instruments in the cockpit to steer the aircraft away, according to reports. It has been learnt that Vistara’s UK 997 was carrying 152 passengers and Air India’s AI 631 flight to Bhopal had 109 passengers onboard.

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