Jabra Evolve 75e: Lightweight and fit for long-term comfort

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From: Financial Express By: Vinay Siwach Published at: March 12, 2018
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With newer technology intervention and changing demographics, the structure of workplace is changing. The concept of bring-your-own-device (BYOD) is fast becoming a reality, prompting companies like Jabra – part of the GN Group and a leading developer and manufacturer of communications and sound solutions, producing corded and wireless headsets—to explore the enterprise segment. Recently, Jabra launched its ‘three-microphone technology’ based Evolve 75e headphones in India. This technology creates a talk-zone, making sure you are heard, while other nearby voices are filtered out. Primarily, this product focuses on business users who use headphones in their everyday work life, such as call centre employees or those engaged in hectic conference calls. The basic functionalities of Jabra Evolve 75e are similar to Jabra Evolve 75 which was launched last year. It incorporates around-the-neck earbud design, with active noise cancelling technology (ANC) and promises to deliver the enterprise grade experience for both consumer and professionals. In the box, along with wireless headset, you will get a protective travel case, USB cable and quick start guide. Once you pair the headphone with your smartphone, you are good to go. With the help of USB Type A dongle, a user can also pair their personal computer to it. The pairing is fairly simple and straightforward. I did it with my smartphone with great ease; power off your headset and then press and hold the multi-function button for three seconds until the LED flashes blue, and you hear an announcement in the headset. Switch on Bluetooth pairing and then follow the voice-guided instructions in the headset.

Once connected, the headset was pretty adept at blocking out noise and interruptions. Some of the users might find the long neckband somewhat uncomfortable to wear for long, however, it is a good design and better than what most of the BPOs are using right now. The design is unique and trendy. The left side of the neckband has the ANC button. One needs to press the voice button upto 3 seconds to activate assistant like Siri. On the right side, there are three buttons for volume up, multi-function and the volume down. The challenge with these buttons are that they are little difficult to find and use. Moving on to the most important work of a headphone—sound and call quality. How do you justify the price tag of `26,000 for a headphone? Obviously, by offering impressive sound quality. This is what Jabra Evolve 75e ensures. It offers great sound quality. We did not find any latency watching YouTube videos or movies. So much so that you can even press the multi-function button to highlight the dialogue over the soundtrack—which is very useful for business users on conference calls, if they want to highlight some key points during presentation. The Evolve 75e comes with dual Bluetooth connectivity. It means that you can connect to two devices at the same time for calls and music. During the review period, we tested it with two different smartphones. Pairing was easy and the headset switched seamlessly between calls and music with crisp sound and call clarity. Another distinguishing feature of this headphone is ANC. When you switch it on, it completely blocks out all background noise so that you can fully focus on what you are doing. When you turn it off, you can listen-in to your surroundings. Overall, the Evolve 75e is an impressive headphone with appealing design and active noise cancelling technology. It delivers enterprise grade experience for both consumers and professionals.

Estimated street price: Rs 26,000

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