Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports plans ranking system for national sports federations

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From: Indian Express By: Nihal Koshie Published at: February 13, 2018
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The Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports is planning a ranking system for National Sports Federations (NSFs). Aimed at inculcating healthy competition between sports bodies, the rankings will be based on the federations’ administrative capability, transparency, talent-spotting ability, and medal count of athletes.

The implementation of the sports code — which, among other things, bars officials over 70 years old — will also be an important yardstick. “This is the first time the sports ministry will attempt to put in place a system by which sports federations will be ranked or rated according to set parameters. The sports ministry will set up a committee for this purpose. The committee will comprise sports administrators, sportspersons and professionals from other fields, including chartered accountants and management experts,” said Sports Secretary Rahul Bhatnagar.

According to the plan, the NSFs will be ranked for the financial year 2017-18, and the list will be released by May. While the committee will conduct its own study, it will also ask NSFs to submit audited accounts, give details of how professional management practices have been implemented, and how effectively they have addressed players’ grievances.

However, no call has been taken on whether funds released to NSFs will be linked to the rankings. “There is no plan to link rankings with funding at the moment. As of now, we want the ranking system to be an incentive for national sports federations to improve their internal systems of management, governance and talent promotion. Hopefully, these rankings will spur healthy competition between federations and will in turn help the athletes across disciplines,” said Bhatnagar.

“The committee which will be tasked with ranking the various sports federations will submit its findings. After that, an opportunity will be given to the sports federations to give their comments and state whether they think the rating is fair or not. After receiving the NSFs’ feedback, the rankings will be published,” said Bhatnagar. While the feedback of athletes will be taken, it will serve more as a guide, as the rankings are to be ‘objective’ rather than ‘subjective’.

Meanwhile, Bhatnagar said the ministry is set to introduce a two-year post-graduate course in sports management at the Indian Institute of Management-Rohtak. The course will cover apparel design, equipment manufacturing and event management. The sports ministry is consulting the Ministry of Human Resource Development, under which IIMs function, and aims to start the course later this year.

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