Women In Pakistan Are Calling Out The Country's Censor Board For Banning 'Padman'

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From: HuffingtonPost By: Vinay Siwach Published at: February 12, 2018
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While Akshay Kumar's Padman released all over the world on February 9 to rave reviews, Pakistan is one country where the film has been banned.

The film's Censor Board refused to certify the film, saying, "We can't allow our film distributors to import films which are against our traditions and culture."

Ironically, the ban on Padman proves the film's point -- it's a conversation that many are scared to have but it's the one that needs to be had.

The film's director, R Balki, was furious at the ban. He told The Quint, "I am very disturbed by this prejudiced pre-judgment. I believe the Pakistan censor board didn't even bother to see the film. They refused to have anything to do with it arguing that such films threaten Islamic culture and history. Pray tell, how does a film about the health concerns of women harm any culture in the world?"

His anger was shared by women in Pakistan, who were quick to call out the regressive decision and took to Twitter to rip it apart.

After Pakistan's Censorship board banned PadMan, women will be banned to bleed since the morality only allows Over Population but not personal hygiene. Safai Nisf Imaan Hai? Noooo Neveerrr... #Padman

Since its against Islamic teachings and culture, Pakistani women are planning to give up their Uteruses. Sanitary Napkin industries are also winding up to sell pads in countries where women can BLEED! #Padman #UnBanPadman

Yes, Pakistani Women menstruate too. I support #Padman and menstrual hygiene. Ban on @PadManTheFilm in Pakistan is senseless. Release it now. pic.twitter.com/KpsTL6Rc3a

Padman is banned in pakistan and im not even surprised. We like to ban every drama/movie which can raise awareness among people who think that topics like sexual abuse and menstrual hygiene are considered 'taboo' in our society.

Dear Sir, the film #Padman has been released internationally. Your decision-making is embarrassingly slow. Why should a film about menstrual hygein & cheap sanitary napkins denied a release or delayed? Pakistan deserves to become a part of this conversation on reproductive health https://t.co/tTzZTDvIg7

'They' are afraid to come out of Stone Age. Stuck in reverse gear!

Banning PadMan in Pakistan is another one of those illogical things that simply affect the business of cinemas in Pakistan. Menstruation is a fact of life, and bringing it to mainstream consciousness is neither immoral nor un-Islamic.

Banning padman in Pakistan just shows how we havent mentally progressed as a nation. Utterly disappointing.

Dear Censor Board of Pakistan Yes! We #Pakistani women get our periods too! Every month we bleed, it's simple biology. I condemn the ban on @PadManTheFilm in Pakistan! #IAmPadman #Padman #UnBan pic.twitter.com/mnrNLJkROC

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