Appraisal season for Cabinet as Modi takes stock

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From: Economic Times By: Reuters Published at: June 19, 2017
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NEW DELHI: Amid speculation of a Cabinet reshuffle soon after the presidential poll, PM Narendra Modi has asked his ministers to prepare a report card detailing the key achievements of their departments in a month.

A top government source said ministers will have to make a presentation comparing the achievements of their department during the three years of NDA rule with the last three years of UPA.

As the directive came during a Cabinet meeting last Wednesday and the deadline ends just before the conclusion of the presidential poll, observers see the move as a strong indication that the appraisal may be linked with a ministerial reshuffle.

With less than two years to go for the 2019 Lok Sabha polls, the focus of the BJP dispensation is on showcasing mega success stories and demonstrate concrete progress on the ground.

The source said a new ‘Team Modi’ would be constituted with the intent to consolidate works and programmes taken up during the past three years.

A reshuffle is imminent as several vacancies have come up in the Cabinet due to the return of Manohar Parrikar as Goa CM and the sudden death of environment minister Anil Madhav Dave.

As the ruling party begins its preparations for Lok Sabha polls, changes in the party organisation are also on the cards and a few ministers may have to relinquish their charge to work in the party.

A political observer said this was going to be a big exercise as several posts of governors lying vacant for a long time also needed to be filled.

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