Supreme Court suggests CCTVs in courts for security

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From: Indian Express By: Express News Service Published at: February 13, 2018
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Recalling the 26/11 Mumbai attack and instances of violence on premises of courts, the Supreme Court said Tuesday that installing CCTVs in courts and tribunals would help ensure better security and discipline. It clarified that its order to install CCTVs in courtrooms was not for recording of proceedings but to address concerns regarding safety.

“Like 26/11 Mumbai attacks where CCTV cameras at the Victoria Terminus railway station caught one of the perpetrators of the incident, CCTV use can be beneficial,” a bench of Justices A K Goel and U U Lalit said while hearing a petition on audio and video recording of proceedings to bring transparency.

The bench said the CCTV grab of Ajmal Kasab at Victoria Terminus helped the prosecution during the trial.

“We want to ensure discipline, security and oversight in courts with the help of CCTV cameras. If there is any privacy issue, then the CCTV cameras can be switched off,” it said.

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