about 22 hours ago: In a crackdown against false stories, micro-blogging platform Twitter has said it will not allows users to like and retweet from multiple accounts, or use 'bots'.
about 22 hours ago: YouTube has been critised for a video in its Trending section, that showed a teenage survivor of the Florida school shooting to be a paid actor.
about 22 hours ago: In seven days, Gitanjali Gems stock plunged 58.5%, eroding Rs435.41 crore from its market capitalisation
about 22 hours ago: NSE says if Fortis Healthcare does not file financial results for two previous quarters by 1 March, its no derivative contract will be available from 29 March
about 22 hours ago: Merck, a science and technology firm, announced an additional investment of €40 million to build a manufacturing and distribution platform in Asia over two years. This follows its 2016 announcement
about 22 hours ago: SATTUR A woman worker, A. Meghala (28), sustained burn injuries in a fire accident that was reported at a fireworks unit in Panaiyadipatti under Elayirampannai police station limits on Thursday. The p