1 day ago: ‘In less than two minutes I converted chicken biryani into masala rice without wasting a single piece of chicken’
1 day ago: Nineteen years ago, speaking just a month after Lok Sabha elections in which the Congress had been routed and the BJP had gained, Sonia Gandhi had been introspective, though upfront, about what the party needed to do.
1 day ago: A solitary miniaturist works in Delhi, while others sell ‘copies’ to tourists in Rajasthan
1 day ago: His party, the new Congress president Rahul Gandhi said, had brought India into the 21st century, while Prime Minister Narendra Modi was taking it back to a “medieval past”.
1 day ago: Ponuganti Telanganarya crafted the first acha Telugu work for Ibrahim Qutb Shah’s courtier Abdul Qadir Amin Khan
1 day ago: The WCD Ministry questioned the need for separate legislation, arguing that divorce by triple talaq amounted to cruelty and hence, fell within the purview of Section 498A of the Indian Penal Code.