about 13 hours ago: The briefings behind the recent reports indicate that there remains considerable unhappiness at the power and influence enjoyed by one prince, who is widely seen as inexperienced, impulsive and haughty and is heading two unwinnable wars, in Syria and Yemen.
about 13 hours ago: All those who know the former Gujarat chief minister aren’t too surprised about his decision to sever relations with the Congress, but remain in active politics. Truth is, Vaghela likes being the centre of attention. He likes to call the shots. But because there cant be too many people like him in one party, he may stay away from the BJP
about 13 hours ago: GST: Five per cent rate for aids for the disabled is more beneficial than exemption.
1 day ago: In a country with unbridled displays of masculinity in politics, public life and most of all in cricket, women cricketers have not only proven that this game can be played without the vulgar aggression and sledging but that masculinity is simply overhyped. These are achievements bigger than any victory.
1 day ago: The real transformation in Indian women’s cricket goes well beyond the possibility of more sponsorship money flowing in…It lies in the growing recognition and acceptance that Indian women cricketers now are sportspersons in their own right, without needing hand-outs from a male-dominated universe.
1 day ago: Before the match, the prime minister personally tweeted best wishes to each member of the Eleven that was going to play, picking out the best quality for each of the girls and tagging everyone with a Twitter account.