1 day ago: Bans are wonderful, because they provide immediate action to people long inured to real change. But in the long run, they put people off and add to a sense of general despair and lead to the question, ‘Now What?”
1 day ago: Reddy’s statement comes in the wake of reports from certain states that Mrs Gandhi’s supporters are pressurising AICC members to sign the requisition.
1 day ago: Graded Response Action Plan lends urgency to Delhi’s efforts to curb pollution. But ban as policy instrument is problematic
1 day ago: An authoritarian, assertive China is a challenge for India. But it is premature to conclude that US will be its saviour
1 day ago: Surveys on hunger suggest that like poverty, it is more a relative, than absolute, concept. The best policy to increase nutrition is via sanitation and clean water
2 days ago: It cannot be news that President Trump shoots from the hip on Twitter, and his tweets can and sometimes do contradict declared US policy. Just look at his tweets on North Korea.