1 day ago: Sick and tired of frequent changes in government and ugly political shenanigans, the idea of stability has strongly resonated with Nepali voters.
1 day ago: The advertisement industry itself is no stranger to innuendo and double entendre – and it is a blatant hypocrisy to make advertisements for condoms the scapegoat in this issue.
1 day ago: A qualitative study done alongside the randomized evaluation indicated that during the school year, teachers felt compelled to complete the curriculum even though many of the children were far below grade level
1 day ago: Export restrictions must go. Monopoly procurement must go. Essential Commodities Act restrictions must go. Arbitrary stocking limits must go.
1 day ago: There is no arguing that sports and sporting events should be made more inclusive
2 days ago: Let us have a look at some latest technologies, their benefits and the security risks they pose