1 day ago: India must use this moment to announce a set of long-term measures to improve military readiness vis-a-vis China
2 days ago: There is one and only one reason this inhuman practice is performed: to tamper with the sexual desires of the girl/woman.
2 days ago: Modi’s advantage is exactly that people underestimate him as a thinking person.
2 days ago: As a formality, the periodical sought permission from the Nehru Memorial Fund, housed in Teen Murti Marg and funded largely by government grants, to reproduce the draft speech to commemorate the 70th year of Independence.
2 days ago: Contemporary theatre will pay a heavy price for this disdain towards the spectator, who should not be imagined as the end point of a supply chain but as the centre of the communication process.
2 days ago: Our current Kashmir problem was created by two mistakes made by Indira Gandhi and Rajiv. Mrs Gandhi made the mistake of wrongly toppling Farooq Abdullah’s government in 1984 and replacing him with a cipher.