3 days ago: Inequality has figured prominently in Brazil’s economic reforms. India’s liberalisation regime focused on removing poverty, but strains caused by inequalities are sharpening.
3 days ago: Recent events in the Supreme Court are about the judiciary asserting itself against the executive’s overreach.
2 days ago: The Supreme Court, in B.P.Singhal vs Union of India, 2010, has reaffirmed the grounds in which a Governor may be removed by the President. One such ground is “behaviour unbecoming of a Governor”.
2 days ago: Law minister Shanti Bhushan and I&B minister L K Advani pointed out the difficulties that would crop up in case the demand is accepted.
2 days ago: Till the end, Justice Rajinder Sachar spoke up for the rights of fellow citizens
3 days ago: Now that apex court has ruled on judge Loya’s death, attention must turn to need for due process in Sohrabuddin trial