1 day ago: Underlining the structural changes the GST requires, the editorial in Organiser stresses that “not only the government agencies but our traditional business houses will have to adapt to the new regime”.
1 day ago: The lynching of Ayub Pandit must make people of the Valley pause and ask: Is the Kashmiri soul being brutalised ? Kashmiri leaders will have to talk to their people frankly like Gandhi did after Chauri Chaura.
1 day ago: Saudi Arabia’s ultimatum to Qatar threatens to deepen conflict in the region.
1 day ago: A new rapid bioremediation process that can remove garbage hills and end their ill effects, promises a low-cost solution to waste management and disposal. It is very important that alternative technologies are carefully evaluated on their merit.
1 day ago: Government needs to hand-hold small businesses through the initial transition to the GST regime.
1 day ago: India-US move forward on defence, but there are disturbing signals on the economic relationship.