1 day ago: The Election Commission announced the programme for the election to fill the office of the president.
1 day ago: But the presidential contest invokes a hollowed-out caste identity, distanced from its ground realities.
1 day ago: India needs to legally reclassify hate crimes as acts of terror.
2 days ago: Mohammed Ayub’s killing in Kashmir has kindled a sense of shame in the community; but the ghastly silence over 15-year-old Junaid Khan’s murder is a national outrage. He was stabbed to death by a group of men on a train. They had taunted him about him being Muslim.
2 days ago: The power to imprison hasn’t been used by the House of Commons in a hundred years. But as the case of two Karnataka journalists shows, the Assembly’s order to jail them has a long and troubling history.
2 days ago: Srikanth’s success mirrors the coming of age of his sport. India can no longer afford to play down badminton.