2 days ago: The Gujarat model of development is capitalism with Hindutva characteristics. And the Gujarat elections are a test of the resilience of this model under strained economic conditions
2 days ago: The costs to government can be minimized by scoping out the areas of investigation and defining clear rules of operation
2 days ago: The FRDI debate finally comes down on the intent of the government. Remove the political rhetoric from the provisions of the Bill to see that your bank deposits are safe
2 days ago: A qualitative study done alongside the randomized evaluation indicated that during the school year, teachers felt compelled to complete the curriculum even though many of the children were far below grade level
2 days ago: Europe should delink private finance from public finance, insulating each from the malfeasance of the other
3 days ago: The Bitcoin price surge may suggest possible short-term volatility but this by itself does not imply that a bubble is present