India and its news. These were the two ideas that our team started out with when we conceptualized Vartaa. As the 3rd largest economy in the world, India matters now, more than ever, on the global stage. It geography, its people, its culture and its economy permeate across borders and leave a lasting impression. As the world gets ready to accept this remarkable civilization into the pantheon of great nations, it must be aware of what drives it, what underlines its decisions, who are the key actors in the narrative of this country and where Indian opinion is headed.

There are many ways to consume news about India. And it was this scattered form of gathering information that drove us to create Vartaa. We aim to provide a single platform where you can get your daily dip into the happenings of India from some of the most credible sources in news journalism. Our carefully selected sources encompass the breadth of happenings in the nation and attempt to answer not just the 'What?' but also the 'Why?'. At Vartaa, the choice belongs to the reader - of sources, of categories and of frequency. You can elect to track news everyday or just get your dose of key events through our weekly newsletter.

Underlining the product is our strong commitment to two unshakable principles -

  • The reader comes first and must not only be informed but also be made more intelligent with our content
  • News must be presented in a balanced manner without any inert or overt biases

No news source can attempt to capture the entirety of a country as vast and thriving as India. Yet, at Vartaa we always aim to keep the pace so that you, the reader, is current and well-informed. We look forward to our continued engagement with you.