Bills passed in Lok Sabha every year

The BJP recently celebrated its successful 2 year's in power and we decided to take a look at how many bills got passed in Lok Sabha to get a sense of what was done. We looked from year 2004,the first year of UPA1 to 2016. We have prorated for 2016 since there are still 2 sessions monsoon and winter to go in this year.

As you can see from the chart, the first 3 years are most productive in terms of passing bills. UPA2 managed to pass 184 as opposed to 169 bills in its entire term. The BJP government on the other hand has had a relatively slow start, especially in 2015.

Number of bills does not necessarily quantify the governments efforts. But it can be an indicator of the governments intent to bring reforms and also given our political system, reflect the ability of the government to get everyone together to get things done. Given the fact that Congress did not enjoy a clear majority in UPA1 or UPA2, it did pretty well in getting bills passed. The expectations are high on the Modi government to pass key reforms like the Land Acquisition and GST(Goods and Services tax) bill. Although these bills need approvals from both houses there are other low hanging fruits that it can target like Child Labour(Prohibition and Regulation) Ammendment, Prevention of Corruption, Whistleblower protection ammendment, Real Estate Regulation and development and Electricity Bill.

Passing reforms are a key function of the government and hopefully these stats help in indicating what the Lok Sabha has been doing other than the yelling and drama that we see on TV. You can find the details of the bills and short description here and here.