CBFC India cuts and refusals

With the Udta Punjab censorship issue unfolding last week, we decided to take a look at the Censor Board of Film Certification (CBFC) India and find out it's history in recommending cuts, refusals of certificates and total certificates each year. This week's chart takes a look at these 3 metrics in different sub-charts. The data has been obtained from CBFC website. Each year is counted from April to March of next year. The data for 2015 hasnt been published yet, so keep in mind we are really looking at pre-Pahlaj Nihalani era.

The bottom graph is the total number of certificates issued by CBFC in a year which ranges from 15-18k per year, where 2007 had the highest certificates. The other sub-graphs on top of this are number of Indian and Foreign films refused a certificate by the CBFC each year. Notable films denied a certificate during this period are Fifty Shades of Grey, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Blue Jasmine alongwith regional films like Master Eke Master(Marathi), Maadosha(Kannada), Back to Honeymoon(Hindi), Paribhavam(Malyalam), Itumbu(Tamil) among others. Interestingly number of films refused certificates has increased considerably since 2011, even though number of films certified hasnt increased considerably.

At the top is excisions or cuts in films by CBFC in minutes for each year. It should be noted that since 2012, the CBFC categorizes Celluloid films differently than Digital films and were also recorded differently. See more here. We have consolidated the Celluloid film length in meters to minutes (assuming 35mm film) for a consistent measure. So we have a a sub-graph with the total number of cuts made by CBFC each year. Here too we can note that the number of cuts have increased especially in 2014. Both Bollywood and Hollywood movies have suffered major cuts every now and then with inconsistent standards for excisions by CBFC.