Deaths in Major Conflicts in India

Last week finally saw India undergo a major policy shift with respect to Pakistan and deal with terrorism emanating from across the border. India decided to respond with asymmetric warfare of its own and launched targeted strikes against terrorist camps on the Pakistan side of the Line of Control. The bloody conflict in Kashmir has claimed thousands of lives over the course of decades and it rightfully looms large in the minds of the Indian public. But unfortunately, other major conflicts in India have been equally devastating.

Let us take a look at the chart of this week- as you can see, the Kashmir conflict has claimed around 47,000 lives since it started in 1947. That is almost twice as many as the conflict in the Northeast. But at 25,000 deaths, the Northeast India insurgency has also extracted a macabre toll. And so has the Naxalite conflict which keeps getting bloodier by the year. In fact, if you look at lives claimed in recent years, the Naxalite insurgency comes out at the top. Not to mention countless other crimes committed by the Naxalites that do not result in deaths.

While it is heartening to see the Indian government take a decisive stand against terrorists inflicting pain upon the people of Jammu and Kashmir, the other major conflicts in the country also need the nation's attention and resources. Here is to hoping that the government uses force, incentives, and negotiations to bring all of these terrible insurgencies to an end.