Press Freedom Around the World

If you hadn't noticed yet, our Vartaa team loves reporting about freedom. In another such report we will cover an important form of freedom- the freedom of press. Reporters Without Borders (RSF), an organization that provides information about press freedom around the world, recently released its 2016 report. India's rank has improved marginally but it is still a lowly 133 out of 179 countries covered. This is concerning for the largest democracy in the world.

Although concerning, this should not come across as a surprise. The arrest of cartoonist Asim Trivedi, attacks on newspaper offices (especially by the Shiv Sena), the routine censorship when it comes to reporting on Jammu Kashmir and parts of the Northeast are known issues. RSF also highlights some of these issue. It particularly mentions the 'indifference' of the government about attacks on journalists and bloggers by groups that are so thin-skinned they could take offense at almost anything.

Take a look at how countries around the world fare when it comes to Freedom of Press, in the interactive chart of this week.