The Week That Was:

From: Vartaa Editorial Team on Dec 6, 2015

Chennai Floods

Tamil Nadu capital Chennai continued to bear the onslaught of a furious rainstorm this week as well. The rains have now taken a tragic toll on life besides uprooting people from their homes and causing economic damage. Amidst the tragedy, the people of the city displayed remarkable resilience and consciousness to support one another. But a deeper question remains - why are India's urban areas so prone to water flooding? Read two interesting takes here and here on why our modern cities cannot handle surging rainwater. PM Modi meanwhile visited Chennai and announced a relief package of Rs 1000cr.

Delhi pollution

Another Indian metropolis was in the thick of the news this week. Delhi, after being consistently ranked for having one of the poorest air quality indicators in the world, took some action. The city will now have vehicles with odd and even number plates driving on alternate days in an effort to reduce vehicular emissions.

The US Federal Reserve seems all set to raise interest rates in the coming weeks as the economic situation eases in the US. The RBI meanwhile is busy taking steps to combat jitters in the market before the rate hike comes. The RBI's moves come even as the Rupee continues to weaken and has almost touched the 67 mark against the dollar.

Opinions you must read:

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  • In light of the row over a family being asked to leave a movie hall for not standing up for the national anthem, The Hindu examines the fine line between patriotism and prejudice.
  • In light of the recently concluded Paris talks, Naina Lal Kidwai writes how India can take a lead on the climate change front through an even more assertive policy around renewable energy generation