The Week That Was:

From: Vartaa Editorial Team on Dec 27, 2015

Juvenile Justice Act

Three years after the brutal Nirbhaya gang rape case, the Indian Parliament passed an amendment to the Juvenile Justice Act lowering the age for which juveniles can be tried for heinous crimes from 18 to 16 years. The Parliament's action came in light of the juvenile accused in the case being released after serving his three year sentence in a child care home. Public pressure had been growing ever since the case broke on the government in light of reports that the juvenile accused was the most brutal of all of Nirbhaya's assualters. There were voices of protest though with many opining that Parliament's action was knee-jerk and that law making should not be driven by acts of a single individual. The jury is still out though on whether the reduction in juvenile age for trial will bring down the crime rate of this group.

Jaitley vs Kejriwal

The AAP-Arun Jaitley feud has now taken a turn towards internal wrangling within the BJP. Delhi based ex-cricketer and BJP MP Kirti Azad created a flutter by raising questions to Mr.Jaitley on his role as DDCA chief. The BJP in response has suspended Mr. Azad for his actions. Meanwhile, Mr. Jaitley filed a defamation suit in a Delhi court against AAP leaders while leading lawyer Ram Jethmalani came forward to represent Arvind Kejriwal defense in the case.

To Russia, with cash

PM Modi begins his official visit to Russia this week amidst hopes of boosting trade and defense ties. The centerpiece of the PM's visit is expected to be a deal on the S-400 Air Defense System which analysts are expecting to be the largest defense deal between the two countries till date. Also on the agenda appears to be talks on co-operating on the energy front with coal, oil and nuclear power partnerships.

Opinions you must read:

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  • TThe private sector has always believed in sharing best practices. The Indian government is now looking to do the same for its social policies. Niti Aayog has come out with a set of best social policies being implemented by states in an effort to encourage others to replicate the success stories.
  • As the world goes digital and advertising dollars shift online, Indian remains one of the few markets where TV still grabs top ad dollars. Mint analyses the latest industry trends and examines the anomaly.

Chart of the Week

Are you curious where tourists visit India from? The Indian mission in Bangladesh is by far the largest issuer of tourist visas although it is possible several of the 'tourists' could simply be visiting relatives in India. How about people visiting for business? The Industrial and Commercial powerhouses of China, UK, USA, and Germany obvisouly have the largest number of visitors. The tiny city state of Singapore does seem to have a large number of visitors that one would expect.