The Team


Aftab, just like the rest of the team, is a huge news buff. He is also an avid cricket fan and a prolific writer. When he is not crafting news briefs for our readers, he is writing for his blog, sharing his knowledge about the tech industry on LinkedIn or writing insightful pieces for CNN-IBN and Huffington Post India. He lives in San Francisco and works as a management consultant during the week.


Gaurang has persevered relentlessly to provide Vartaa with a solid tech foundation. Easily the nerdiest of us all, a flawlessly working 'elastic search' algorithm brings a twinkle to his eyes. He loves testing all the newest gadgets on the market, exploring the food scene in Chicago and Austin, and riding his bike (a Suzuki GSX650F). He recently moved to Austin, Texas and works for a local startup called IBM.


Milind too is a news buff and particularly enjoys reading business news. A management consultant by profession, he lives in Dallas, Texas. He loves reading, travel, and analyzing data in his spare time. He could not contain his joy when he stumbled upon a treasure trove of data on data.gov.in and hopes to bring our readers all kinds of cool insights through the weekly charts series.


Pawan, a software engineer by trade, lives and works in the San Francisco Bay Area. Pawan loves the challenges associated with the technology of delivering news. He is an avid skier, travel enthusiast and amateur motorcyclist. In the summer, he can be found on his bike at nearby race tracks, working on his lap times.

The entire team, not to put too fine a point on it, is passionate about news and is committed to the highest quality news delivery experience for our readers.